January 2018, A Recap


Like a lot of people at the start of each year, I have a long list of resolutions. I started the year feeling motivated and inspired to live out 2018 to my fullest potential. And like I seem to do every year, I fell a little bit short.

But that’s beside the point.


In January, I actually completed (and started trying to figure out) quite a few Big Life Things. Brent and I got engaged in November (I wish I could tell you that I have that post in draft form… but it hasn’t even made it that far). Although wedding planning is a bit far off still, planning for the more IMPORTANT event (kiddddding), our engagement party, has begun! My parents and sister will be visiting us in April so we thought that then would be a great time to celebrate our engagement. I emailed a few potential venues around our area only to realise how expensive hosting a relatively large party is going to cost us (who knew that weddings/engagement parties cost so much money…). But the ball is finally rolling there!


Another post that I plan to eventually make is all about Kona’s health. As a little recap, in case you somehow stumbled upon this blog without being friends with me on Facebook or Instagram, Kona was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma back in October. The vet was able to remove the melanoma entirely but since then she has been diagnosed with three more additional tumours: two different types of mammary tumours and a mast cell tumour. The good thing is that with each type of new tumour that we have found on Kona, the vet has been able to remove it completely. January was an interesting month as Kona recovered from her first mammary strip removal that she had in December. We didn’t have to bring her in to the vet a single time this month. Unfortunately, Kona has her next (and hopefully last ever) surgery on the fifth of February to remove her other mammary strip and the mast cell tumour. Luckily we had the month of January to take a break from all of the surgery and recovery and enjoy the better things in doggy life (including strange, squished cuddles from dad)!

One of my top goals for the year is the read 52 books. In January, I read eight books! Three of those eight books were bloody fantastic too and I would highly recommend any/all of them if you’re in a reading slump: Fight Like A Girl by Clementine Ford, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, & Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay. Another bookish goal that I have is to not buy any books so that I can truly utilise my library card. Unfortunately, I bought four books this month… because they were $4 total! How can I say no to $4 for four books at a thrift store?! C’mon!

I’m back on the Couch 2 5K training bandwagon. There were a lot of sweaty mornings and evenings this month. Both alone and with Brent. I worked my way through weeks three, four, five, and a little of six. I’m nearly at the point where I am solidly jogging for every scheduled run. This is where I usually lose motivation because, turns out running is hard. But this time around, I am going to be preemptively planning for this loss of motivation by jumping off the C25K ship in about a week and switching over to Hal Higdon’s Novice 5K plan. I’ve used this plan many of times in the past for training and I’ve always really enjoyed it. C25K got me in a good spot as far my endurance and enjoyment of running goes. On to the next month of sweatin’!


Other little things about my first month of 2018: I spent far too much money boozing and brunching with my two favourite boys (but it was all worth it). I tried a tumeric latte for the first time (pictured). I lost seven pounds. It reached over 100F/40C a couple of times here in Melbourne. I enjoyed watching the Australian Open from home this year, and listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100 for the first time ever. My sister adopted a beautiful little kitty named Nora, so I’m basically an auntie now. And I journaled every single day this month, which is HUGE for me (used to be an avid journaler but hadn’t journaled for over 5 years).

Hopefully the next time you see me will be in 28 days (or less, if I get around to all of those promised posts). One month down, eleven more to go!


January 2017: Polaroids, Cirque du Soleil & Crying My Way Through A Concert

So, uh, hey. Me again. Remember when I thought I was going to actually update this regularly? Ha ha ha.

But hey, new year… new me, right? So here I am! I have a goal this year to actually keep up with this blog, probably in the format of monthly recaps to keep myself from being too ambitious. I’d like to talk about what books I read, what recipes I’ve tried, and what adventures I’ve gone on. So here we go!


  • I can’t talk about January without mentioning about how grateful I am to have been in America over the holidays and into the new year (maybe I’ll make another separate post about that trip sometime). Even though the last week of the trip left me feeling weird and down (my childhood cat passed away as Brent and I were flying back to Australia), I’m so thankful that I got to spend so much time with my favorite pooch and kit-cat, my family, and my friends from home.


  • If you follow me on Instagram (here’s a link if you don’t), you’ll have already seen my post about this squirrel print that I got Brent for Christmas. Brent loves squirrels (and loves this print) so I’m glad we found a frame for this print and it is now happily hanging in our home.


  • The start of the new year rekindled my dream of cooking/baking through every single recipe in my Smitten Kitchen cookbook. This month I made 3 new recipes: Ratatouille Sub, Rosemary Gouda [supposed to be gruyere but I couldn’t find any at our local supermarket] & Sea Salt Crisps, and Peach & Sour Cream Pancakes. All three of these were delicious but if I had to pick a winner… it would be the Ratatouille Sub! I seriously cannot wait until we make that again.
  • Books! I read four books this month. I have a ~Dream Goal~ of reading 52 books this year. I say ‘dream’ because I don’t want to stress myself out too much if I don’t read that many. My realistic goal is to read 30! I read the first two books in the Mistborn trilogy. I really liked both of these but I’ve taken a bit of a break before reading the third by reading a self-help book and a psychological thriller for the virtual book club I’m a part of.
  • This month, Brent and I were lucky enough to see two shows in the city! And they happened to be two nights in a row! Back in October, I bought us tickets to see Yann Tiersen and oh my gosh, he was spectacular. I don’t know what it is about me seeing musicians-that-I-have-been-obsessed-with-since-high-school live… but, like when we saw Sufjan Stevens last year, I cried throughout the night. Such a sap. Before the performance, we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant in the south wharf promenade where the wine was much better than the food [which was a bummer]. The following night, we saw Cirque du Soleil Kooza! Brent got me tickets for Christmas (that boy knows me so well) and the show was incredible. Forever inspired and in awe of the performers in Cirque!
  • Last weekend, Brent and I dusted off our bicycles and went for a ride along the waterfront. It. Was. Incredible. We lucked out with gorgeous views and weather. The riding path was flat (praise hands) and I had such a great time. I’m super excited to go for another ride sometime this week!
  • For Christmas, I got a Polaroid camera. What decade are we in again?? So I’m still obsessed with it and I’m trying to take as many photos with it as possible. It’s super cool because it came with a micro-SD slot so I’ve been able to save all of the photos digitally as well! We took this photo during the afternoon of the Serena vs Venus match, after we had been boozing and BBQing outside in the sunshine for hours on end. Very quality photo, am I right? .

So that was my January, in a nutshell! Maybe sometime I will talk on this blog about my weight loss efforts and future travel plans… but I feel like I have already wrote out an entire novel in this post alone.

I hope you all had a fantastic January. Looking forward to seeing what February (my birthday month) brings for us!