Harvest Roast Chicken with Blueberries, Olives, and Rosemary (SK#26) & We Got A Dog!

I’m crawling out of the woodwork again and this time I’m just going to pretend like I never left… not like starting this blog post like such will draw attention to that or anything – d’oh!

So, uh, hey again! We are already over halfway through 2017… and over halfway through July. I’m starting to believe what they say about time moving quicker as you get older is totally true. Because, gosh darn it, where has the time gone?!


An entire six months has passed since my last blog post. In those six months, my sister visited me in Australia for the first time, we traveled to New Zealand (first new country since visiting Oz in 2010 for the first time), and we adopted a dog! I hope to spend some quality time in the upcoming weeks putting together a post about Kyra’s visit and NZ (definitely going to have to wrack the brain for details… both of these events already feel like a lifetime ago).

But uh, did you catch that?

We adopted a dog!


This gorgeous girl is a three year old Rottweiler. Her name is Kona (shoutout to Hawaii). We adopted her on May 10th, which will also serve as her birthday! We have no information about Kona’s history. She was picked up from the Lost Dog’s Home in Melbourne by Starting Over Dog Rescue. She was severely underweight and has had at least a litter of pups. Kona lived with her foster family (where they called her Tilly) for a little over a month before we adopted her. Our friend Amy set up everything for us (thanks Amy!!) and we managed to meet Kona before she was advertised online (she would’ve gone quick, too, because of her breed and gentle demeanour).


Kona and her doggy uncle Jordy have been slowly getting used to one another (Kona learning to be calm with Jordy and accepting that he doesn’t want to play with her and Jordy learning to be tolerant and less afraid of Kona). We have been keeping them both on leads around each other for now but they have gotten so much better around each other.

It’s been over two months since we adopted Kona and we already cannot imagine a life without her. She loves to go on walks or runs with us. Tennis balls are her favourite toy. She is the cuddliest dog and absolutely loves every person she meets. We feel so incredibly lucky to have won the rescue dog adoption lottery with this one!

In the last few months, I’ve also been cooking and baking quite a lot. I’m still trying to cook through the entirety of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.

Last night, I cooked my twenty-sixth Smitten Kitchen recipe. And I thought I’d share the recipe with you all! Who knows, maybe one day I will actually get better at ~food photography~!


Harvest Roast Chicken with Grapes Blueberries, Olives, and Rosemary
Serves 4


  • 1ish kg of chicken drumsticks (SK calls for chicken parts – thighs, drumsticks, breasts, etc but I couldn’t be bothered)
  • Salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 cup (90g) blueberries (okay – SK asked for red seedless grapes which I would have used but I couldn’t find a single grape at our supermarket – I took a chance on the blueberries and it actually came out really nice still!)
  • 1 cup (130g) pitted kalamata olives
  • 2 shallots, thinly sliced
  • 0.5 cup dry white wine (we used a cheap sauv blanc)
  • 0.5 cup chicken broth
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped fresh rosemary



  1. Preheat oven to 230C (450F) with a rack in the middle.
  2. Pat chicken dry and season generously.
  3. Heat oil in oven proof 12-inch pan (I seriously dream of the day that I own a cast-iron skillet) over medium-high heat until oil is hot.
  4. Brown the chicken, skin side down and then turning over, for about 5 minutes. We did this in two batches like SK recommends.
  5. Return pieces to the pan, skin side up, and surround the pieces with blueberries, olives, and shallots. Roast the chicken in the oven until it has cooked through and the juices run clear, about 20 minutes.
  6. Transfer chicken, blueberries, and olives to a plat and cover with foil (to keep warm) while adding wine and chicken broth to the pan juices in skillet. Bring liquid to a boil, scraping up any brown bits, until it has reduced by half. We were expecting ours to thicken but it did not (and that’s okay). SK says to strain sauce if you’d like (but we’re lazy so we didn’t) and then pour over chicken.
  7. Add rosemary. And eat up!

Darcy’s notes:

I would love to be able to make this dish with grapes to see how it differs. I took a chance (I was very panicky in the grocery store) buying blueberries and I’m happy that the dish was edible, nay, delicious!


Flat-Roasted Chicken With Potatoes


Otherwise known as my first attempt at ~food blogging~.

Adapted from Smitten Kitchen’s Flat Roasted Chicken with Tiny Potatoes recipe


  • One 1⅓-to-1½ kg (3-to-3½ pound) chicken
  • Table salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • 680 grams (1½ pounds) yellow potatoes, peeled
  • 2 tablespoons (30ml) olive oil (or butter), for potatoes
  • 1 lemon, to finish
  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh thyme leaves, to finish


Preheat oven to 230C (450F) – or if you’re like me, as hot as your oven can go (which was a whopping 200C). Using a pair of kitchen scissors, remove the backbone of the chicken and discard it (SK says that you can freeze and save it to make stock but it is SO bloody and terrifying, I just wanted it out of my face – I know, I KNOW, I shouldn’t be a meat eater if I can’t deal with handling raw meat).

Season the cavity generously with salt and ground black pepper. Lay the chicken, breast up, in a roasting pan (I lined mine with aluminum foil to make clean up a bit easier). Gently pat the breast skin dry with a paper town. Generously season the top of the bird with more salt and freshly ground black pepper. Nestle the potatoes around the chicken, and drizzle them lightly with olive oil. Season potatoes with salt and pepper.

Roast the chicken for 30 to 45 minutes. Toss the potatoes after about 20 minutes to ensure that they cook evenly. When the chicken has finished cooking, transfer the potatoes to a clean plate. Remove the legs, thighs, wings, and breasts from the spatchcooked chicken (or if you’re me, get your boyfriend to do it because that bird is HOT), and arrange them with potatoes. Squeeze juice of an entire lemon over the dish (we have a lemon tree in our backyard so we used a bit more), then sprinkle with thyme. Eat at once.


  • The only thing I really changed from the original recipe were the potatoes. I couldn’t really find ‘tiny potatoes’ at our grocery store so I just cut up some normal potatoes.
  • Never will I ever remove a raw chicken’s backbone again. If I ever recreate this recipe, that job will have to go to Brent. I didn’t take any photos of the hacked up carcass (you can thank me later) – just know that it was both extremely difficult and very gross.
  • The dish turned out quite nice though and it gave me an excuse to use my new thyme plant. I think next time I would stuff the chicken with stuffing because I’m a glutton like that.
  • I’ve included a collage of my beautiful food photos . You don’t have to tell me how talented I am at food photography, I already know. (Heavy, HEAVY sarcasm here)