Hey, Hi, Hello!

WOW – it has been a long time since I posted on this blog. I’m so sorry for completely abandoning it for two years. I wish I had a legitimate excuse… but honestly, I don’t (‘life hasn’t been all that interesting’ ‘work’ etc etc).


So, uh, hey – this is me. Yes, I’m holding a skateboard (that I tried to learn how to ride for about a week until I fell and hit my head and now I’m too scared to try again). And here’s a little update on my life over the last couple of years!


  • Brent (you remember Brent, my boyfriend of almost 9 years, right?) and I moved out of his parents house and began renting a house in August this year. We live in a cute little suburb by the bay and are within a 5 minute walk of a dog beach! We are absolutely loving the location, the house (even with its hideous carpet…), and living on our own. Adulting, for the win!
  • Two days ago, I reached my one year milestone with my current job at the airport. Working in a bookstore actually IS awesome (though my wallet would totally disagree there) and I’m really thankful to have a job where I am guaranteed at least a shift a week.


  • I have somehow managed to keep up with one of my goals for 2016: post a photo on Instagram every single day for the entire year. Those 12 photos are my most recent posts. I’m up to Day 257 (even though it’s only the 255th day of the year… how did I not realise this until now) of 366. Follow me on Instagram at darceelizabeth if you wanna keep up!


  • For Christmas last year, I received Smitten Kitchen’s cookbook as a gift. Because I am a little bit coo-coo, I’ve decided to attempt to cook/bake every single recipe in this book. Here are some of the results over the last few months: chicken milanese with an arugula and fennel salad, asparagus pizza on rushed pizza dough, pistachio masala lamb chops with cucumber mint raita, and olive oil ricotta cake with a (not pictured) concord grape coulis). I’ve still got a long way to go (here’s a spreadsheet I made to easily keep track of my progress because I am a massive nerd) but it’s been really cool to learn all sorts of new methods of cooking. I’m thinking of logging my cooking adventures on this blog which is SUPER lame because I am a terrible food photographer… but we will see.


  • I’m still reading (though not as much as last year when I read 52 books, a book every week, during 2015). Here are some of the last books I’ve read (special shout out to The Goldfinch and All The Light We Cannot See – both SO incredible to read).

I want to get back into blogging again which is why I’m posting this update. Like I mentioned above, I want to document my cooking/baking attempts. I also discovered this Tumblr account of a couple who are traveling to every single town in Iowa and photographing as they go which is really inspiring to me. Victoria, Australia (where I’m currently living) has over 1,000 towns so I think that visiting each may be a little overwhelming… but I’m considering a new goal of trying to visit every national park in the state and using this space to document those adventures as well. Because I really value traveling back to the USA as often as I can to visit my family, I don’t have a lot of extra funds for traveling internationally so I thought that going on weekend or day trips around my state might be a little more affordable and quite fun to get out and explore! I’m not totally committed yet but it’s something I’ve been toying with. We shall see!

I’m sorry, again, for being a terrible blogger and will definitely be back soon with another update. Thanks for sticking with me!


Work, Work, and Let’s See…. More Work

I sincerely apologize for my lack of an update on this blog! How long has it been, a year? Ten?

Unfortunately, my absence has not been because I’ve been really busy doing super awesome cool things. I haven’t posted simply because all I do is work. I work full-time and when I’m not at work, I’m being super lazy at home [by watching TV or a movie, surfing the web, reading a book, or sleeping]. So very glamorous, I know.

However, this is all about to change. I’ve been at my workplace for nearly six months which means, because of a visa restriction, I legally have to quit. August 24th is my last day at my first full-time job [and my first job in Australia]! This job has taught me so much about patience, Aussie culture, responsibility, and cooking. I got to know a lot of people who work there very well and will miss getting to hangout with them every day.

I plan on taking some time off to work on some personal things before I attempt to reenter the job market. This means that I will have time to *actually* blog again. Wahoo!

Stay tuned for some real updates!

In the meantime, here’s a photo of Brent’s dog bathing in the sun. Oh how I miss summer! Enjoy!


I Got A Job! & Other February Things


As most of my Facebook friends know, I GOT A JOB! I was interviewing and working a trial shift at the end of January, heard back that I got the job at the beginning of February, had my job induction in the middle of the month and (finally) began working two days ago.

I’m working full time as a Front of House Manager at a brand new, gourmet and healthy alternative fish and chips shop. So far, my bosses and staff have been an absolute joy to work with. My first two shifts consisted entirely of running errands, cleaning, mopping, scrubbing, and setting up shop. I can’t wait for the store to open so I can try all of the delicious-smelling foods they’ve been cooking!

Honestly, the best part about getting a job and making money now is that I’m able to afford plane tickets to Hawaii in June to see my family. Excited!

Other things I’ve done in the last month:


  • Celebrated the Seahawks winning their very first Superbowl! I’m so proud of my city. Brent and I got up early (the Superbowl aired around 9am in Melbourne) and drove to the grocery store to purchase Budweiser beer ($4 for a bottle), Skittles (THE BEAST), hot dogs and buns, and Doritos. ‘Murica.


  • Went to ACMI’s Spectacle exhibit in the city where we watched countless music videos, learned all sorts of neat facts about the music industry and how music videos have changed over time, and saw cool props used in some popular videos (my favorite: pictured upper right, from OK Go’s This Too Shall Pass).
  • Experienced multiple days of over 40C/110F weather, and my first bush fire warning.
  • Joined a tennis club! Brent’s mum invited me to be a part of the tennis club that she plays in. I hadn’t played regular tennis since high school and have been wanting to get back into it for some time. So far, I’ve played two doubles matches: won the first, lost the second. I’m really excited for the season to continue!


  • Celebrated my 23rd birthday by eating delicious Thai food and boozy drinks at Melbourne’s Cookie (which had been on my to-do list for a while) and getting drunk in the city with Brent and his best mate. An A+ celebration.
  • Learned how to drive a manual car on the Aussie road! Alone! Without killing myself or anyone else!


  • Visited the Bathing Boxes in Brighton, otherwise known as my new favorite place in Melbourne.

As I was about to hit ‘Publish Post,’ a spider started to climb on my arm (!!!) and I had to kill it (after screaming, of course). The fun part (HA) about living in Australia is realizing that any spider could have the ability to poison and kill you (I should probably learn the difference between ‘normal’ spiders and ‘OH SHIT RUN THE HELL AWAY’ spiders) … actually, it seems that ANYTHING (bush fires, snakes, jellyfish….) in Australia could kill you.

Until next time, folks!